Friday, November 25, 2005

So...Am I the only person who actually went to work today? I guess I shouldn't really complain. My commute was half as long as usual. I got rock star parking. I've only had to respond to one significant email. My phone only rang once. I get to rock out a little louder than usual. And I get to spend a little quality time watching Butterstick. I've certainly had worse days.

Not a lot planned for the weekend. Tonight - Bob Mould at The Ram's Head. I've never been to The Ram's Head. Well...not since they started having bands, which means at least 10 years ago or so. We're having company the next couple of weekends, so we'll probably spend a little time working around the house. Definitely a trip or two to the gym. The new WSC in Silver Spring is awesome. Brand new equipment and tons of room. New gym = new boys. That always helps me work out a little harder.

I got a gift card from Borders yesterday. What should I buy?

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