Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Random Stuff

There's a nice interview with Seth (the owner of the 9:30 Club) over at OnTap.

Went to an interesting art show/music thing on Saturday. Couldn't really afford any of the art and the one piece I would have considered wasn't for sale. That piece was the original art used for the cover of French Toast's In A Cave CD. Speaking of which, French Toast was one of the music acts. I like their CDs, but they're a different beast live. I wasn't expecting to see them play, so that was a nice surprise. 3/4 of The Bob Mould Band did a neat little improv set. Garland of Hours also played, but I missed them, as I was outside talking with some friends. Fun night.


No shows for me until Echo. It's nice to catch up on my sleep a bit.

OK Go tickets are on sale for their Black Cat show on 11/20.

The P-Furs and The Violent Femmes are playing in Baltimore on 12/10. The Furs used to be my all-time fave band. I may have to check that out. The Femmes get the award for being the most unlikely band I ever saw open for The Grateful Dead. That Dead show was also the day I consider my official coming out, since that's when I told my best friend that I'm queer. woohoo!

Mark Robinson (of Teenbeat and Unrest fame) has a radio show at MIT on WMBR. It's titled Mmm Pop Musik. You can download it podcast style here.

Speaking of Teenbeat, thesoundofindie recently put up an mp3 of a Tuscadero track recorded at the Black Cat in '96. I could put up a link to the track, but then you probably wouldn't check out the blog. It's new. It's cool. Go take a look.

I came home tonight, turned on the radio and was greeted by Chicago's "Color My World." I had a brief high school flashback, shuddered a little and turned off the radio.

Closing the pool this week. Should have done it weeks ago, but we always put it off. It's always a little depressing. blech.

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