Monday, November 28, 2005

Overtly homo post.

Hey Men's Fitness - What exactly was the purpose of putting super-hottie Ryan Reynolds on the cover of the latest issue? Other than the gun show on the cover, there's nothing of note in there at all. You'd think we'd get a glimpse of that new bod of his, but no. Just a head shot and a pic on a motorcycle, where he's pretty much dressed for winter.

"But the magazine is about fitness - not hot pics" you say?

Here's the entire content relating to his workout:

These days I go about an hour or two hours a day, usually. Mostly weights and a little bit of cardio. I do a lot of ab work because I hurt my back jumping off a bridge in Zurich about three years ago.

That's it. Wow - Thanks for the insight. Weights and cardio. Brilliant! I'll make a note of that.

The issue isn't totally useless though. A few pages later it mentions:

Men in DC masturbate more than men anywhere else in the U.S. - 30% play with themselves at least every other day.

I'm not touching that one.

Men's Fitness is hard core porn for closeted guys, and occasionally skin for everyone else. It's what guys who peruse the Sears catalog graduate to, when they realize Maxim doesn't do anything for them.

Men in DC masturbate more than average? Must be because all the straight women know they can do better than some GOP staffer with dreams of shackling her to the dishwasher while he pays a hooker to walk on his back in stilettos.
My intro to soft porn was the fag mag 'Exercise for Men Only'.

And I LOVED the Sears catalog! Especially the work clothes section...the men were always scruffy.

Pullin' my chubber _every other day_? Jeez, I get a headache if I don't do it at least once a day.
"Exercise For Men" was totally gay. I fully expected them to show full-on boners eventually.

Men's Fitness was acceptable to have laying around pre-coming-out, but still slightly embarassing. A former roommate told me that MF was definitely a flag to them about me.
30%? Here in DC? I think it's way higher than that. What city was second?
Don't forget - I live in the suburbs. That's probably keeping the numbers artificially low.

It wasn't a list - just a fun little fact.
Is that what they mean by "stay jacked"?
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