Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Bob @ Birchmere

Bob's show at The Birchmere last night was fantastic. The addition of special guests Amy Domingues (cello) and Rich Morel (keyboards) made it quite the special event. Amy's cello on the Workbook era songs gave them a rich, haunting quality that literally gave me goose-bumps at one point. Rich added lots of color and a fullness to the sound that fell somewhere between Workbook and Body of Song. The first-time-ever performance of "Days of Rain" was stellar. It certainly appeared that Bob was digging the whole gig as well. He even mentioned that even if he wasn't on stage, he would have wanted to see that show himself. Great night. Thanks Bob.

Oh yeah - Kristin was really good too. I'm not that familiar with her, but she put on a nice solo acoustic set. Must investigate further.

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