Wednesday, October 19, 2005


TicketMaster Can Be Fun!

I go to TicketBastard just about every day to look up something or other and I get presented with those annoying "prove you can type" verification words. They're usually either ridiculously simple - like "puppy" - or something fairly cryptic. I've decided to start looking them up and see what they mean.

Today's TicketMaster word:


pl. sal�si�fies In both senses also called oyster plant , vegetable oyster .
  1. A European plant (Tragopogon porrifolius) having grasslike leaves, purple flower heads, and an edible taproot.
  2. The root of this plant, eaten as a vegetable.
French salsifis, from obsolete Italian (erba) salsifica

mmmm....edible taproot.

Your word of the day got me thinking... I started write a lil comment on here and it ended up as
this post

Yes I am a freak... but thanks for the funny word for inspiration! ;-)
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