Monday, October 03, 2005


Q And Not U remixes

At their last 2 shows Q And Not U were selling some EPs containing remixes of the track "Wonderful People". The disc contains 3 mixes:

People Wonder (President Remix)
Wonderful People (Manhunter Remix)
Wonderful People (Ova Looven Remix)

The disc itself looks self-pressed, so I imagine there's a limited number of them. It doesn't appear to be a Dischord release, but it looks like they're distributing it. Get one while you can.

The final 2 shows were terrific. The first night ended with half of the crowd dancing on the stage. Great band. Sorry I didn't get into them sooner.

For the ultimate piece of Q And Not U memorabilia, you can buy their van. (check the 9/16 entry)

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