Sunday, October 23, 2005

Last week...

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Just read the DCist review. It's pretty much spot-on. Basically - Don't Believe The Hype.

We Are Scientists - Rocked. Best band of the weekend. I wish they had more of their music for sale. I picked up the Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt single. That's all they had. Amazon shows everything else listed as a pricey import. I hope they get a domestic deal soon.

Ambulance, Ltd. - Really, really OK. Not great. Not bad. Just OK. They're playing new material, which is a mixed blessing. You can only listen to their one album so many times. The new material is good. Sounds like more of the same though. We'll see how it turns out on the new record, whenever that comes out. Lots of new material is welcome, but it also brings things down a notch. The chatty Saturday night crowd seemed to lose interest whenever they played something they didn't know. I don't have anything bad to say about the show, but I wasn't exactly overwhelmed either. I think Ambulance may be one of those bands that puts out terrific records, but isn't the greatest live act. Personally, I think We Are Scientists blew them away.

But maybe I was just anxious for the show to get over so I could run down to Blowoff at 9:30. Since Bob and Rich have been on tour for a couple months, we've been Blowoff-less recently. I was expecting it to be packed, based on all the blog-pimping it was getting. But it was just pleasantly crowded. Plenty of people, but also plenty of room to mingle, dance, walk across the room loaded-up with shots for everyone - whatever you wanted to do. I love Blowoff on nights like that. It's like you're in someone's basement for a regular party. Thanks to Bob and Rich for hosting yet another great party. And welcome home.

The BF has been out of town on his semi-annual NASCAR retreat with his college buds. His boy Jeff won (a rarity these days), so he's pretty excited. I'll be glad when he's home. I don't sleep whell when he's gone.

DCFC tonight. Social D cancelled their Philly shows this weekend. I'm hoping their DC show goes on as planned.

We Are Scientists' U.S. full-length debut is scheduled for January on Virgin. It's super-fantastic!
Excellent! The single I picked up is nice, but it doesn't come close to their live show IMHO. Looking forward to the full-length.

Good seeing you at the show!
Yeah, I'm not crazy about the single's B-sides. The album has much better songs. And it was good to see you too!
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