Thursday, October 27, 2005


Do You Swing?

It takes a lot to get me into Virginia. I don't go unless I have a very good reason. But I'll be there on Friday, when The Fleshtones hit Iota. If you're looking for the best party in town, look no further. If it's anything like last time, the band will eventually end up playing atop the bar, dancing in the crowd and running around the club, all while cranking out great tunes that are guaranteed to keep you dancing, clapping and singing along all night.

The Fleshtones play this great mix of Nuggets-style garage rock combined with a twinge of punk attitude. They've got this great retro-sound without feeling like some lame 60's throwback.

Don't believe me? Let's see what everyone else has to say about them:

Trouser Press:
...singer Peter Zaremba, guitarist Keith Streng and drummer Bill Milhizer — have never stopped channeling the spirit of every great rock'n'roll party band that ever stepped to it, from the Coasters to the Kingsmen, the Raiders to the Kinks. Decades down the pike, they're still going strong, making great entrances and stylish exits and pouring it all out in uplifting sets of smart and sassy uptight bliss in between.

Hexbreaker! is outstanding, an exuberant collection of memorable numbers made even better by brilliant playing and spot-on production by Richard Mazda. "Right Side of a Good Thing," with its hysterical falsetto chorus; "New Scene," a pulsing fuzz-guitar punk raveup; and the shingaling title tune all roll with soul and frolic in the sounds of the '60s without ever losing a grip on the band's own identity. An ultimate '80s garage- rock classic. [Sadly, Hexbreaker was never released on CD - D.]

...the NYC foursome played as though they were at a raucous house party with their best friends, hauling mics and instruments out onto the dance floor, jumping on tables, and generally having a great time....each time the Fleshtones breeze through town rock 'n' roll is fun again.

There are some of us who have seen the future and we know that it’s a firebrand of piss and vinegar called rock n’ roll...Quirky vocals and snotty R&B singing back up the ass-shaking groove created by the buzzsaw guitars, throttle-bottom bass and crunchy drums...[The Fleshtones,] after 25 years, refuse to make anything less then down-and-dirty super-rock fun.

It's hard to find a review that doesn't mention the words "fun" or "party".

So get your ass down to Iota on Friday. You can thank me later.

Right Side Of A Good Thing
God Damn It
Hitsburg USA

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