Monday, October 03, 2005

Can someone please lend ^H^H^H^H give me $450 so I can go see the Stones tonight? Thanks.

Went to NC this weekend for a commitment ceremony for a couple of our friends. Beautiful ceremony on a boat down in Carolina Beach, NC. Tons o' fun. Kudos to the local paper for for including their announcement (even though I'm told it took a bit of ...umm...persuading). It's really beautiful down there. Not over-developed like everything around here. Still very quaint and charming.

Who knew my lesbian friend had a hottie for a son?

Taking another long weekend this weekend. Heading to see Bob Mould in Philly on Thursday, so I'm skipping out around noon. Bob again on Friday. All reports say he's really tearing things up. Don't miss it. Holiday on Monday. Bonus.

I'll probably go see Paul Mc on Saturday, assuming I can track down one of the cheap tickets. I don't wanna die having Ringo being the only Beatle I ever got to see in concert.

Let's go Lions. Penn State still tied for 1st in the Big Ten. Undefeated no less. AP ranks them at #16. Feels like old times.

Holiday? What holiday? Must be one of those gov't only holidays... I work in a university and we don't even get those... grrrrrrrrr
Yep - Columbus Day. If they want to pay me to stay home, I'm not gonna argue.
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