Thursday, October 06, 2005


All About Bob

I love going to work when I know I'm going to leave early. Especially when I'm leaving to go to a show. All my co-workers have to stay an toil away, while I get to go do my favorite thing in the world.

I get to leave at lunchtime today to head to Philly to see Bob Mould at The Troc. I haven't heard a bad thing about this tour yet. All reports imply that it's nothing short of amazing. Very excited. The WedRock songs were such a tease. I can't wait for a full set.

As if that isn't enough fun for a Thursday, we get to hang out in Philly with our other friend Bob, who is easily one of the most entertaining people I know. It's impossible to not have fun when he's around. We'll probably start off at Woody's, then dinner, the show, then The Bike Stop. Unless (our friend) Bob has other plans. That's usually our schedule when we head into Philly on a weeknight.

Coming back to DC Friday afternoon. We're going to try to head to Titan for Happy Hour (WOOF), then dinner and yet another Bob show. This one at the 9:30 Club. This should be a rockin' time, if for no other reason that it's Bob's hometown crowd. I expect to run into tons of friends there. Gay friends, indie friends, blogger friends...everyone's excited about this one.

I say after the 9:30 show we have an impromptu Blowoff. Everyone just run downstairs, take your shirts off and start dancing. That should freak a few people out - lol.

Not enough Bob, you say? According to Pollstar he's playing at The Ram's Head over Thanksgiving weekend and again in Philly in early December (aka "my birthday weekend"). Sweeeeet. No word on tickets, but I assume they'll go on sale shortly after this weekend's shows are over.

Go buy Bob's record. It kicks ass.

Hey... I had a great time at tonight's show and enjoyed meeting you. Looking forward to more!...
Same here. Sorry it was so late by the time we met. We'll have to coordinate things a little better next time.
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