Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In a meeting today one of my co-workers said "I'll do that in a minute. I have to urinate first." The whole room (including our boss) fell silent and just sort of uncomfortably stared at each other for a minute, until someone finally busted out laughing. I guess it's really no different from saying "I have to go use the restroom", but it just seemed a bit odd to say that aloud in a roomful of people.

Speaking of pee...

Peeeeellaaaannnder! Japanese Comic Action Punk. Costumes, human bowling and lots of audience participation. Last time I saw them I ended up on stage banging on a tin cup with a drumstick. Fun will be had by all. Guaranteed. Download their song "Dragon" here.

Even if Peelander wasn't there, I'd go anyway, just to see Bang! Bang! I defy you to not dance while they're playing. If they can make me shake my ass, you probably don't stand a chance. "Electric Sex" here.

I don't know anything about Kung-Fu Dykes, but their website makes me think they're not to be missed. Think nuclear day-glo samurai. And with a name like theirs, you know they've gotta be worth checking out.

Thursday 9/15 at DC9. Presented by BigYawn.

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