Saturday, August 06, 2005


Crazy week ahead

WSC/Monopoli/Cartel last night at The Cat. The Black Cat is starting to get a well-deserved reputation for terrible sound. They really need to work on that. All 3 bands were good. My first time hearing Monopoli. My first impression is that they're a really good band, but not my thing. If they're opening for someone else in the future, I'd definitely head in early to see them again. Cartel was really good, except for the sound problems. I could barely hear the guitar and sometimes everything just sounded like mush. At first I thought they might be having an off night, but the other bands seemed to have the same issues, so I'll blame the sound guy.

WSC was good, as usual. Lots of new stuff. Apparently, their new record comes out in December. Not the best I've seen them, but even at their worst, they're a great time.

The Black Cat was crowded and crowded really early. That's great to see. Support your local bands. Thanks to John the bartender for setting me up all night. Be nice to your bartender and they'll take care of you.

The other night someone asked me what shows I had coming up and I drew a blank. I think I sputtered out Q and Not You in September and Devo later this month, but I just couldn't think of the others. Much to my surprise, I came home and checked my calendar, which looks like this:

8/ 8/05 City Goats Fort Reno
8/ 8/05 Del Cielo Black Cat Backstage
8/ 9/05 The Mesmers DC9
8/10/05 New York Dolls 9:30 Club
8/11/05 Olivia Mancini and the Spectacles DC9
8/12/05 The Knitters The Birchmere
8/13/05 Devo 9:30 Club
8/14/05 Devo 9:30 Club
8/15/05 Mary Timony/Medications/The Threads Fort Reno

And that's just next week. That's 9 shows in 8 days. Holy crap. Maybe if I didn't have a job and could sleep all day. Something's got to give. My guess is the City Goats and Mesmers are gonna have to wait. We'll see.

Baseball tonight. C'mon Nats - Get your stuff together.

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