Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Cranky as Hell

I woke up cranky as hell this morning. Within 10 minutes of getting to the office, I could tell the day wasn't going to get any better. So I just said the hell with it. I'm leaving early. I told my boss I needed the afternoon off. I was out of there at 1:00pm exactly.

A spiffy new haircut, a trip to Tower , a lunch consisting of only things-that-are-fried and I'm already in a better mood. Top that off with a package from Amazon at my door, a fine episode of Match Game and an all-too-rare hour of time to myself and things are much, much better.

Things that make me happy today:

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead
The Knitters: The Modern Sounds Of The Knitters
The Shangri-Las: The Best of the Shangri-Las (one of those 20th Century Masters collections)
The Grateful Dead: Truckin' Up To Buffalo
The National: Alligator
Amusement Parks On Fire: s/t

Maybe I'll take tomorrow off too.

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