Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Random Stuff

Q And Not U were terrific on Monday. I like them more and more each time I see them. I guess it's a little late for that though. I bought tickets to both of their final shows. I'll probably only go to one of them. If my not-so-reliable friends come in from NY that Friday, I'll have to skip the final show. Oh well.

Son of Nun were interesting. Political rap on top of a go-go beat. Not really my thing, but they weren't bad.

BF fixed the a/c. Looks like we blew a breaker in the outside unit. A quick trip to Homo Depot and it was working again. $8 is much better than $50 for an estimate.

Teenage Fanclub/The Rosebuds tonight. Should be fun. The Rosebuds are great. Check out these songs by them:

Kicks In The Schoolyard

Big Heartbreak

Last night was the big gay "Night Out" at the Nationals game. I wish we had our own section. We were spread-out all over the place. We were everywhere though. You couldn't miss us. The Nats won 4-0. Hopefully they're going to come out of their slump now.

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