Friday, July 01, 2005


pre-holiday stuff

The pool is 90% done. It's full of water and looks amazing. The last 2 steps include installing the gas line for the heater (which may end up costing about 3 times what we expected) and giving the pool some kind of acid treatment. The acid is going to eat away the the very top surface of the plaster, smoothing things out and bringing out the blue flakes in the finish, adding more color. That has to be done over the course of a few days, and you can't swim while that's happening. We decided to just wait and have that done next week. That way we can swim in the not-quite-finished pool this weekend. Oh yeah - They need to install the diving board too. That's primarily for aesthetic purposes only, save for the occasional cannonball.

So here's what I came home to yesterday:

How friggin' sweet is that? It should be totally finished before next weekend.

Yesterday was quite the musicfest. Started with The Evens/The Routineers at Fort Reno. The Evens had a few sound problems, but they were pretty good. Ian briefly talked about the Nike thing. He basically said you can't really beat them. He compared the situation to a soccer game. It doesn't matter who kicks the ball first or which direction you're going - Nike's goal completely encircles the field. And there's not a whole lot that can be done about it. Ian was a bit annoyed because while the Post covered the story, they actually put it in the Sports section as a skateboarding article. (Nike was promoting a skateboarding/concert-thing.) He said if you're really angry and want to protest something, go to the White House and protest the war. His record label concerns are quite insignificant compared to that.

Here's a quick snap of Amanda, from The Routineers:

I have a few more pics I haven't uploaded yet. They may be too blurry to post. I'm not very good at this photography stuff yet. I'll check them tonight. Oh - Henry Rollins was hanging out in the crowd. I'm not sure if he has moved back here yet, or if he's just visiting.

Made it to the Cat in the middle of the Bicycle Thieves set. Not bad. Straight-forward indie-pop. Cartel was terrific, as always. I kind of like this picture of Cartel, even though it was purely unintentional.

Thanks to DCist for putting the show together.

Despite seeing 4 bands in two locations, it was all over by 11:30. I ran over to The Lantern, where I hung out with the BF and a few friends for about an hour before heading home. Fun was had by all.

Looking forward to the long weekend. WOOHOO!

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