Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Local Music

There's a lot more to DC music than Minor Threat and Fugazi. There was (and still is) a lot more happening than that.

Something old:

Tru Fax and the Insaniacs - "The Twin"

I was gonna put up "Washingtron", but the tracking on my CD is messed up. This is a peppy little track though. From their LP Mental Decay. I'd post a link to buy it, but I don't think it's ever been pressed as an official cd. Even my copy is a CD-R I picked up last Christmas at a reunion show. Supposedly a real re-issue is in the works. I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath for this one. They also have a few tracks on the 9:30 compilation that came out a few years back.

Crippled Pilgrims - "Black and White"

Originally from the Head Down, Hand Out EP. Kind of psychedelic. Kind of dark. Kind of R.E.M.-ish. Kind of awesome. The exact opposite of everything else going on in DC in the ealy/mid-80's. This was recently re-released on Reaction Records. The CD is basically a CP anthology. Go buy it here. Now. I'm not kidding. Go.

Marginal Man - "Friend"

Marginal Man was one of the great DC hardcore groups. This track isn't your basic as-loud-and-fast-as-possible hardcore song. Much more melodic and bouncy. You can actually hum along, if you like. I pulled this from the CD re-issue of Double Image. Amazon reports having exactly 1 copy left. I'd suggest you go buy it. It was re-issued by the band itself, so I can't imagine there are too many copies floating around out there. The CD has the original album and a few videos. Money well spent - even if just for the videos.

Something new(ish):

Metropolitan - "Homeroom"

Why aren't these guys huge? One of my current faves. Go buy all their stuff via their website. Go see them close out the concert season at Fort Reno on 8/28. I think their drummer is in about 10 different bands.

Beauty Pill -"Rideshare"

How can you not love a song whose chorus includes the line "Walk among the dead and dying in Crystal City." This is off the Cigarette Girl From The Future EP - a split release between Dischord and DeSoto. They have to be the most un-Dischord-like band on the Dischord label. Smooth, spacy and beautifully disturbing. They amaze me more and more every time I hear them. Readily available all over the place, but I'd suggest buying it directly from Dischord.

Washington Social Club - "Let The Night Begin"

Not enough attitude to be punk, but rowdy as all heck. Just a really, really good rock band. This is taken from their self-titled EP. As much as I like their full-length (and highly recommend it), the EP blows it away. Their playing on 8/5 at the Black Cat with Cartel opening. Possibly my favorite double-bill of the summer. It's a Friday. There's no excuse for you not to go out and rock-out a little.

mp3s are provided only to expose people to some music they may not be familiar with. They're only up for a week or two. If you have some sort of claim to the music, let me know and I'll gladly take it down. If you like what you hear, go buy something by the artist, so they can afford to make more music.

FYI you can also download the Marginal Man album fom Itunes. Dischord stuff is now carried there. Friend is a great song off a great album.
I keep forgetting about that. I need to check that out sometime. What I really need to do is buy a real iPod.
Yeah, the Crippled Pilgrims stuff is also available on iTunes (and some of the other legal download stores).
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