Monday, June 13, 2005


What a weekend!

The weekend sort of started on Thursday, when we decided to pursue our love of the arts and check out 10 Naked Men at the Warehouse Theater. It was cute. Not great, but cute. OK, I fully admit we just wanted to see this guy naked. Since we were right around the corner, we decided to head to the Eagle for a few too many drinks. Didn't get home until 3-ish. Not good on a school night.

Friday. Eagle. Sucked. Being Pride weekend, we thought it would be a bit more happening. We were wrong. Oh boy were we wrong.

Since it's Pride weekend, we decided to just get a room downtown and not worry about driving back and forth from home several times. Priceline set us up with a great room for $65/night. So cheap we decided to stay both Saturday and Sunday nights.

We skipped the parade. We decided to go see the Nationals game instead. The game was pretty boring until around the 7th inning, at which point it started to pick up. Just under 40,000 people on a sweltering Saturday night. Not bad. They won 2-1.

The plan was to go back to the hotel to change and shower before heading to Blowoff, but we decided to just go straight there. We figured it would take about 10 minutes before we'd be all hot and sweaty in the 9:30 basement anyway. We were right. Got there in time to hear some real rockin' stuff, including something by this "band" called Amusement Parks On Fire. "band" is in quotes because it's really just this one 19-year-old kid playing all of the instruments. I initially thought it might be My Bloody Valentine. Bob said it reminds him a bit of Swervedriver. I'm not very familiar with them, but based on the few samples I just listened to, I'd have to agree. Loud, swirling, lush guitars. Very nice. Check 'em out.

The boyfriend started to get a little bored, so we decided to work our way up front and head-out fairly soon. On our way up, we ran into chrisafer and I finally introduced myself. We ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the night - staying waaay to late and drinking waaay too much. It was a blast though. And that was sort of the whole point in getting a room for the weekend - so we could stay out late without worrying about driving anywhere.

The Capital Pride Festival was on Sunday. It was hell-hot outside, but still kinda fun. Ran into a bunch of people we haven't seen in months. As predicted, we didn't get there early enough to see Betty. Oh well. We got to see a 20-foot inflatable bottle of lube take out a lamp post. The lube was deflated shortly thereafter. There's a joke in there somewhere.

The highlight of the day was seeing Bob Mould perform. I think he got in 4 songs before the announcer came back and basically told him he was done. I got the impression he was gonna play one more song. They were running a little behind though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they cut everyone a little short. Just a guess. Here are a few pics:

There are a couple of great pics at Bob's blog. Knowing he was only playing for about 15-20 minutes, I didn't want to spend too much time jockeying for position and trying to take more/better pics. I was more concerned with watching and listening.

Lots of eye-candy all day. The beer tents were packed, but I think it was more for the shade they provided than anything else. You know it's hot when I actually prefer water to beer.

Dinner at Peppers, then back to the hotel. No time to rest though. Now it's time to head to the Black Cat to catch Sloan and The Capitol Years. The Capitol Years are a great band out of Philly. kick-ass rock and roll. Tons of fun to watch. They did not disappoint last night. I wish they could have played a little longer. They have some songs up on their myspace page.

My first time catching Sloan. I only have their new CD, which is a collection of singles. That made up the bulk of their show, so I was pleased that I knew a lot of the songs they played. The CD is full of great pop songs, with a bit of an indie-edge to them. Live, they're much more in-your-face and come off more like a solid garage band with great pop sensibilities. Very impressive. I'm surprised they're not more popular. They certainly slipped under my radar for a long time (they've been around for something like 14 years already). The Cat was less than half-full. If you like catchy pop tunes, check them out. Tell all your friends and show them how cool you are.

The boyfriend wasn't interested in the show, so I met up with him at the Eagle afterwards. Pretty exhausted by this point. Back to the hotel by 1:00am. An early night for a change.

So now I'm home. As if I didn't have a full weekend already, we're getting ready to get in the car and head up to the Pixies/Bloc Party show at Merriweather. Should be swell. You'll probably find us at 9:32 between bands.

Apparently, MJ is completely innocent.

Meeting you (and the boyfriend) was a highlight of the weekend. Let's hope there's a repeat...
You can count on it.
i was at pixies/bloc party too. getting soaked during bloc party was fun, huh? i'm not even being sarcastic -- it was neat watching them in the pouring rain. though maybe you had pavillion seats.
I totally agree. We had pavilion seats, but we chose to hang out in the rain during Bloc Party and The Bellrays. The rain was a very welcome relief from the heat.
Great pics man - Bob looks a hell of a lot better (i.e., in shape) than when I last saw him in concert with Sugar back in 1993.
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