Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Unbuckled Thursday

Thursday is gonna be a crazy day. The day begins with me taking care of everything at work by myself, since my co-workers all decided to schedule doctor's appointments and home emergencies tomorrow. I guess that's not really your concern though.

After work I get to run home, change, get right back in the car and head to Ft. Reno to catch The Evens and The Routineers. I don't know anything about The Routineers, other than they include Amanda MacKaye (co-owner(?) of Sammich Records and Ian's sister) and Jeff Nelson. The Evens are just Ian and Amy Farina. Not quite acoustic, not quite electric. I'll call it roots-punk, but what do I know. Read what the Post says about them here. I expect this to be one of the bigger Fort Reno crowds of the summer. You can CDs from both bands via Dischord.

When you go to Fort Reno, buy a t-shirt or just give them some money. Free concerts actually cost money to put on. Every few bucks helps.

As soon as this is over I'm off to the Black Cat. DCist is putting on something called Unbuckled.
Basically, It's Cartel and Bicycle Thieves performing on the backstage, DJ Leafblower (from Bluestate) dj-ing, and lots of giveaways. I was going to see Cartel anyway. Everything else is just a bonus. Sounds like a great night though.

Not familiar with Bicycle Thieves, but I like the sound of the song below. And I love Cartel. They've got this melodic, sort of dreamlike quality that really gets under your skin. They remind me a lot of Death Cab for Cutie, but a bit more mopey. That's a good thing. Based on the crowd they drew at the last Black Cat show, it should be pretty crowded on Thursday. Get there early. Buy some CDs and help both bands out.

Cartel - Fleets

Bicycle Thieves - Loser Of The Year

Update: Cartel is also playing at Iota on 7/3. With The Cassettes no less.

mp3s are only up for a limited time. I only post them to try to help spread the word about music people might not know about. If you like what you hear, go buy their music. Most of these bands can really use the support. But if it's your band and want me to take them down, just let me know.

i'm glad you're coming! thanks for the mention, and don't hesitate to introduce yourself to the DCists.
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