Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Random Stuff

The Knitters are coming!

The Knitters are basically X - Billy Zoom + Dave Alvin + Jonny Ray Bartel (on stand-up bass) singing old-school country songs. They put out one lone album back in the mid-80's. Looks like they're touring and have a new CD coming out in July. Tickets are already on sale for the Birchmere gig on 8/12. Don't expect an acoustic X gig. Go here for that. We're talkin' finger-pickin' country/bluegrass/rockabilly down-home goodness. Not to be missed.

Pool status - New coping stones and tile. Tomorrow they come out to frame where the new deck is going.

The boyfriend gets to stay home and watch the pool boys all day while I go to the office.


Which reminds me - The Fort Reno schedule is filling out nicely.

Ted Leo is almost sold-out. Get your tix ASAP.

Apparently, Billy Corgan is tired of being a solo artist nobody cares about. That didn't last long.

Spent Sunday with the family for Father's Day. I love my Dad. He's the best. I helped him put up a swing-set for my great-niece. Made me feel quite manly. She's growing up way too fast. She's talking like crazy and climbing everything in sight. I feel lucky as hell to have a family as close as mine. I wouldn't trade 'em for anything.

Damn. I forgot to mention Bluestate is tonight. It's not too late. Get down there and buy Leafblower a beer for his birthday.

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