Monday, June 27, 2005


New Links

I added 2 new links on the left under "My Stuff".

One takes you to a list of just about every concert I've been to. The list is primarily assembled from ancient ticket stubs I have laying around. Eventually, I hope to scan those stubs too.

The other one is a mostly-up-to-date list of our music collection. Me and the BF combined. I've been too lazy to type up the 100 or so R.E.M. cd singles I have. Someday.

Do you own a Mac? Have you considered "Delicious Library"? It lets you scan UPC barcodes to import the data from Amazon, etc.
No - I have a PC. That software looks great though. There's gotta be something similar for PCs, I would think. I need to look into that.

Thanks for the tip.
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