Thursday, June 09, 2005


Coupon King

I'm a sucker for coupons. Give me a decent coupon and I'll buy all kinds of crap I don't need.

Case in point: I found a Borders coupon in one of the monthly rags they distribute here at work. 20% off just about anything. I immediately changed my plans for my lunch hour, jumped in the car and headed for White Flint. Thanks to traffic, I only had about 10 minutes to browse before I had to start heading back.

I ended up walking out with 3 books. Books instead of music? Don't sound so surprised. The books are all about music.

Cinderella's Big Score - Maria Raha

This has been in my wishlist for a couple of months, but this is the first time I've actually seen it. I picked it up and opened it to a random page. The first words I saw were "Casual Dots." I had to get this one immediately. Looks great, although I'm a little disappointed that 80 pages of it is bibliography, discographies and notes. I love rock chicks.

From The Velvets To The Voidoids - Clinton Heylin

Back in print. I actually found it on the "New Releases" table. I've been half-heartedly looking for this one for a couple of years. It's supposed to be one of the best documents of the era. We'll see.

Psychedelic Furs: Beautiful Chaos - Dave Thompson

Before I found The Grateful Dead and R.E.M. I was the world's biggest Psychedelic Furs fan. OK - probably not - but they were the first band that had me scavenging record stores for imports, b-sides, alternate pic sleeves, etc. I couldn't get enough. I remember begging my parents to let me go into DC to catch them on the Forever Now tour at the Warner. They didn't want me driving into the big bad city, after only having my license for a few months. I caught them a bunch of times later in both larger and smaller venues, but missing that tour still bugs me.

This book actually looks kind of lame, but there's not exactly a library full of books regarding the P. Furs. Anything is better than nothing. My copy actually has a different cover. I guess it's been reprinted recently.

A quick glance through Amazon shows what I expected. I could have saved a few bucks by ordering these all online. But the lure of the coupon was too much to resist. Now I have 3 more books to add to the ever-growing stack that I haven't read yet. Hoping to catch up a bit this summer. We'll see.


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