Sunday, June 05, 2005


Catching Up

Went to see Washington Social Club, Army of Me and Exit Clov on Friday. What a great night. The Black Cat was packed. Great to see people come out for a night of all-DC bands. Despite what some people think, there's a lot of good music here in DC. Nice to see people supporting it.

My first time seeing Exit Clov. I had heard great things about them. They didn't disappoint. I'm not sure how to describe them though. Kind of poppy. Kind of jammy. I definitely need to check them out again. Check out the songs on their website. Apparently, they just bought a new van. If you like what you hear, buy an EP and help them out.

Army of Me - the band that seems to open for everyone on the planet - put on a fine show. I'm starting to like them more and more. According to Coolfer, they're starting to get noticed. Catch them while you can. Good, basic indie-pop. Songs here.

Of course, my local fave WSC stole the show. I can't get enough of these guys (and gal). The crowd up front was loving every second of it. They always look like they're having such a great time. It's quite infectious. I could go see them every week. I've got some pics, but they're not ready to put up yet. I'll try to get to that tonight. Looking forward to their new disc, whenever that comes out.

Other stuff...

Went to the Lantern last night. Not our usual Saturday spot, but we were up for something different. $5 for all the beer you can drink? Cool. Of course, 5 minutes after we paid for that it was shirtless guys drink free for an hour. Oh well. I can't really complain about spending $5 all night. Annie's for a late-night breakfast. Yummy. We may have to hit the Lantern more often. Did I ever mention that the BF and I met there? At the old, sleazy Lantern no less - haha.

Erasure tomorrow night. Heaven or hell? I'll let you know on Tuesday. Should be interesting either way. Too bad we're not going on Tuesday:


Director’s Awards Will Also Recognize Outstanding Service in Advocacy, Family, Health, Arts and Community Service

Washington, DC –The British pop band Erasure will receive a special Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts from Capital Pride as part of this year’s Capital Pride Director’s Awards. The award will be presented to Erasure at their concert at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday, June 7.

We bought a new camera yesterday. Ritz had it on sale. The salesman said they were out. We had him call a bunch of different stores to try to track one down. He said nobody in town had them, but if we wanted to pay for it now, they'd let us know when it comes in. We went home, called 2 stores and found one. Then after having the second salesman explain for 5 minutes why we needed the smaller memory stick, he proceeded to sell us the wrong size. We need to go back tomorrow and replace it. I'm sure there's a joke about the big stick in there somewhere...

Got the camera just in time for Capital Pride. Technically, it starts this week. All the good stuff happens this coming weekend. We'll probably skip the parade and go to the Nats game instead. The plan is to hit Blowoff on Saturday and maybe the Eagle. Then hit the festival on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing Betty, if I can get my ass out of bed and over there in time. They're the very first act on the main stage. Bob Mould plays later in the day - around 3:50, I think. Solo acoustic. I was hoping for the new band, but I guess it's not worth it for the limited time he gets to play. Should be great though. Nice interview with Bob in the Pride Guide.

We may just get a room in town that night. No point in staying out until a ridiculous hour, heading home for a couple hours, then returning to the city by noon. I guess we need to decide that soon.

Got everything straightened-out to get our pool redone. Unfortunately, they can't start until next week. This is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. At the rate, we'll be lucky to have it done by July 4. It's gonna be great when it's finished though.

Lots of great shows coming up. The Pixies, Ted Leo, Sleater-Kinney, Dinosaur, Jr., Devo, Medications, Decahedron....busy, busy, busy. And that doesn't even count the Fort Reno shows.

Admit it. You chuckled at least once when you heard Anderson Cooper say "Deep Throat."

Time to get outside and mow the lawn. I love these hot and humid days. Bring 'em on!

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