Friday, May 20, 2005


Random Stuff

"Your kiss so sweet. Your sweat so sour."

Gang of Four tonight! I can't believe it's not sold-out. What's wrong with you people?

Going to a wedding of a co-worker tomorrow. Should be interesting. I rarely socialize with people from work. It may be a shock to a few of them when they discover my date is a man. haha. That'll be half the fun. I think pretty much everyone knows about me though. I don't really care. If nothing else, the wedding gets me out of participating on our neighborhood yard sale. Ugh.

Listening to the new reissue of The Cure's Pornography as I type. It's amazing. I never bothered to replace my vinyl copy with a CD, so I haven't heard this in years. I was hesitant of dropping $20+ on it (it's a 2-disc reissue), but it's money very well spent. The live tracks are terrific and the studio demos are vastly different that what ended up on the album. I may have to pull out my ...Happily Ever After vinyl and decide if I need to pick up the Faith and Seventeen Seconds reissues too. As much as I love The Cure's poppier stuff, this early, darker stuff is just amazing. This is how they sounded when I discovered them. It takes me WAY back.

Fluxblog put up a track from Bob Mould's upcoming disc. It's called (Shine Your) Light Love Hope. Check it out here. Speaking of Bob, Out Magazine's Hot Issue lists Bob as the "Hottest Returning Gay Rock Icon". You go, Bob!

May go visit the folks on Sunday. I'm not really up for it, but we're pretty booked the next few weeks. It's now or several months from now.

I think I'm going to pick up a ticket to see Sloan sometime this week. They come highly recommended and The Capitol Years are opening. The CY's are lots o' fun. That's on the night of the Capital Pride festival though. That could be trouble. If you go to the Capital Pride link, I highly suggest you turn off the sound. Can't we do anything without crappy dance music playing in the background? Even our websites think they're at a circuit party.

I'm definitely picking up my Ted Leo ticket tonight.

When does the Fort Reno schedule come out?

(1) I don't do reunion tours. Bands should stay broken up. (2) I don't do shows over $15 (with very, very rare exceptions). It's so hard being this cool.
I can understand that. In some cases I'll even agree with it. You missed a helluva show this time though.
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