Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Caught Two If By Sea/The Cassettes/Bang! Bang! at The Warehouse on Sunday. I walked in a couple of songs into Bang! Bang!'s set and they already had the place jumpin'. They're a 3-piece, but sound sort of like a a cross between the B-52's and Le Tigre. They've got that fun party-vibe of the B's, but the hard rockin' edge of Le Tigre. I was totally digging them. I wish I had gotten there a little earlier to catch their whole set. Lesson learned. I picked up their new EP - "Electric Sex".

The BF was hanging out around the corner at The Eagle while I was at the show, so I ran back there to hang with him between bands. That was kinda fun.

To my surprise The Cassettes were up next. They were listed as the headliner, but I guess someone decided differently. I'm glad I headed back when I did. Well....sort of. They definitely weren't what I expected. I've got their debut on Lovitt, which contains some really good, basic, indie-rock stuff. But they sound nothing like that any more. The lineup consists of drums, guitar, Moog and theramin, with the occasional tablas and mouth harp thrown-in. Not your standard indie-rock lineup. Before the show was over, there was a whole bottle of wine spilled on the floor, party favors (streamers, horns and flutes) and the singer was running through the crowd singing "Romania! Romania!" It was just a bit bizarre. Entertaining, but not necessarily in a musical sense. They mentioned this was going to be one of their final shows and we were all lucky to witness it. hmm...OK. I highly recommend their debut CD. It's got some great songs. Just don't expect them to sound anything like that these days.

Back to the Eagle to hang with the BF. I debated skipping Two If By Sea. I had mainly gone to see The Cassettes and I wasn't familiar with Two If By Sea. But I figured it was just around the corner. If they sucked, I could just leave. So back I went.

They were already playing when I returned and they were totally rocking out. They were fantastic. I don't want to lump them in with the current wave of post-punk-dance stuff, but I really don't know how else to describe it. Dance music with a rockin' edge to it. I understand now why The Cassettes went on early. They couldn't hold a candle to these guys. They had every ass in the place dancing away. Unfortunately, there were probably only 20 of us at that point. But everyone there seemed to be having a great time. I sure did.

I debated going to Baltimore on Monday to see them (again with Bang! Bang!), but 3 nights of shows in a row is enough. They'll be back. And I'll definitely be there.

Nats game tomorrow. Box seats. Sweet. Gang of Four on Friday. Now THAT is gonna be a hot show.

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