Thursday, May 26, 2005


930 F St.

There's a new documentary out on the old, glorious, smelly 9:30 Club. 930 F Street is being shown as part of the Silverdocs Film Festival at the AFI theaters in Silver Spring on 6/19.

"Sounds interesting, but it's on Father's Day - I can't make it."

Fear not. As part of their 25th anniversary celebration, there's going to be a showing of the movie at the club this Sunday (5/29) at 7pm.

"hmmm...I don't know...Movies are too expensive these days."

But this Sunday's showing is FREE!

"I don't like going out on Sundays."

It's a holiday weekend. You have Monday off anyway. Plus, you can go to Taint afterwards.

"I'd rather go see a band."

Lucky for you, DC's legendary Slickee Boys will also be playing for free at the club on Sunday.

"Holy Crap! I am so there!"

Me too.

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