Saturday, April 02, 2005



The BF and I went to see Metropolitan at The Black Cat last night. It was their CD release party for their latest, The Lines They Get Broken. I thought the rain might keep people away, but there was a pretty sizeable crowd by the time we got there - maybe 10:45. Missed Federal City Five. As for Aqueduct, they had some songs that were fun and catchy... and others that wanted me to stick chopsticks in my ears.

Metropolitan was good - as usual. I've seen them described as all sorts of rock, power pop, noise rock...whatever. They're a good rock 'n' roll band. Plain and simple. They seem to get better every time I see them. They're apparently a four-piece now. They've added another guitarist. Or as they called him..."the third brown member of the band". Picked up the new CD, but haven't listened to it yet. I also got the last poster they had left (minus the one on the wall). Yay for me!

That being said, the crowd had thinned-out quite a bit before Metropolitan had finished. I'd guess maybe a hundred people (probably less) were still there when they were done. They probably set a record for shortest time between the set and encore, because there were only a half-dozen people or so clapping (us included) long enough to get them to come back out. You can't come back for an encore if nobody's asking for it.

As much as I like these guys, should they be playing the mainstage at the Cat? Maybe it was the rain, but at it's most crowded, it was maybe 50% full. The crowd was already thinning before they even came onstage, and was all but gone by the time they were done. They came early and left early. I'd hate to see what it would be like if their show was on a weeknight.

Great band though. Highly recommended. Check them out next time and prove me wrong about the kind of draw they have.

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