Sunday, April 10, 2005

The boyfriend and I caught Medications at The Warehouse Next Door last Thursday. I love love LOVE this band. It was the first time I've seen them headline. Nice to see them get a full set. Lots of new material. Those songs didn't immediately grab me the way the songs from the EP did, but they were still quite good. The songs they played from the EP were tight as hell. DAMN. I can't wait for the new disc. I'm gonna jump on seeing these guys every chance I get. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Devin Ocampo is a hottie.

Of course, the big show of the weekend was Bloc Party at The Black Cat. Flying solo at the show, since the bf was off on yet another NASCAR weekend with his old college buds. Apparently, the bf got to shake Jeff Gordon's hand after the race. Score.

Walked in as The Ponys were on their first or second song. Don't know much about them, but I was impressed. They'll be headlining the Cat soon, I'm sure. The crowd was diggin' 'em.

During their set, the singer for Bloc Party walked past me on his way to the merch booth. From the actions of the girls standing next to me, you'd think Bono just walked by. Lots of "Oh My GOD!!" "Go say Hi" and "Go get a picture", "I can't just walk up to him!", "I can't believe it!". I think they eventually chased after him. It reminded me of that digital camera commercial with Steven Tyler. Very funny. Ah, youth.

Ran into a friend between sets and we opted to sit at a table at the back of the club. "The Black Cat Supper Club", as she called it. We stayed there for the whole BP set, which was fine by me. Speaking of the Bloc Party set, it was absolutely fan-friggin'-tastic. I thought they were just blazing hot. They totally rocked-out a lot more than I expected. Even the normally apathetic DC crowd was clapping, singing and dancing around. Great, great show. It's nice to see a band that actually lives up to the hype. And these guys deserve every bit of hype they're getting. Franz who?

Not too many upcoming shows for me in the near future. I guess the next one is Ratdog at 9:30. Maybe Q And Not U. I was going to go see Paul Westergerg at 9:30, but I've recently been told to check out Ivy at the Cat on that night instead. Last week I received emails from 2 different friends espousing the wondrous voice of the singer of Ivy. I've known each of these friends for over 20 years, and if they go out of their way to tell me about someone, they're probably worth checking out. So it's a pretty safe bet I'll be at the Ivy show too.

Got my Gang of Four and Kraftwerk tickets. WOOHOO! May is gonna rock.

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