Thursday, March 24, 2005


ramble on

The 4/23 Blowoff is going to be upstairs at the 9:30 Club. It's been so successful that they need more room. A good move in my opinion. My biggest gripe about Blowoff was that it was always uncomfortably crowded. I hope it doesn't turn into another Velvet, but the bigger space is definitely a welcome move.

Pitchfork has actually been pretty happening lately, with their feature on the R.E.M. re-issues, a review of one of the TeenBeat shows, and reviews of Unrest's Imperial f.f.r.r., The Evens and French Toast. I like the French Toast disc more than they do though. I'd give it an 8.

As for the R.E.M. re-issues, the only one I've purchased so far is New Adventures in Hi-Fi. There's really no point to buying more right now, being that I managed to blow not one, but 2 of our surround-sound speakers. Oops.

Saw Slint on Tuesday. The music was really tight, but they were incredibly boring to watch. They were completely motionless, save for the singer taking a step back from the mic when he wasn't singing, or when the guitar player turned around to change his guitar effects. No banter or engaging the audience at all. They made Interpol look like the Chili Peppers on stage. They'd play a song...the lights would fade out...then there would be darkness and silence for a few minutes until they started the next song. The music was terrific though. Great to hear. Boring to watch. And thanks a lot to the guy who insisted on putting his friend ON SPEAKERPHONE so the rest of us could enjoy his cackling during the incredibly quiet parts of the evening. Ass. DC Celebrity sighting: I almost accidentally bumped into Ian and Amy.

I'm the only music geek in town not going to see Interpol this weekend. That's by choice though. I saw them twice last year. That's enough for a while.

Bloc Party at The Black Cat is now sold out. I'm trying hard to wait and buy their new disc at the show. I can't stop playing the EP. I'm sure I'll breakdown and buy it before the show. I'm expecting Gang of Four and Decemberists tickets to go on sale any time now. Let's go already.

Sorry Mom. I have to leave Easter dinner early so I can catch Queens of the Stoneage at 9:30. Maybe Dave Grohl will pop by.

Cartel has a new 7" out. Go buy it. Despite the website saying it's released in April, they're already shipping them. Got mine last week. Get it now, then impress all your friends when Cartel is huge.

I was just informed I may be sent on a business trip to San Francisco this summer. I'd better buy a new suitcase to haul back all that booty from Amoeba.

Can you tell I don't feel like working today?

the bloc party CD is goooood... but you should hold off until the show so that more money can go to the artist.

and i'm not going to interpol either, also by choice because i've already seen them. however, i didn't get bloc party tickets :-(
Thanks for the kind words. If you come to one of our shows in the future, make sure you introduce yourself.


Mark Hemingway
I'll probably wait on the CD. I like to buy them at shows for the reason you stated, but sometimes I get impatient.
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