Saturday, March 05, 2005



Calm down, Beavis. I mean this Dickey:

This show was a total surprise. I didn't even know he was in town until Tuesday. This makes a good start for the boyfriend's birthday weekend.

I'm pretty sure this was one of the first (if not the first) shows of the tour. There were tons of equipment problems. So bad that the band came on stage 20 minutes late, did a little tuning, then decided things still weren't right. They all walked off (after an apology by Dickey) and came back 20 minutes later, after the crew fixed things.

But they did come out eventually and gave us a good, rockin' show. Blue Sky is always a treat, since it's our song. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed had some high points too, but the drum solo/bass solo thing is getting old. To be honest, the first set left me a little flat.

20 minute break and it's time for set 2. Dickey came out rocking hard with followed by Back Where It All Begins followed by Southbound. Holy crap. I'm not sure what happened between sets, but these songs tore the roof off the place. Absolutely blazing. Damn. This is what it's all about. I suddenly forgot that I was dead tired and totally got into it. The rest of the set was good, but it was all downhill after these two.

A nice show, but not the best Dickey Betts show I've ever seen. Always worth the trip though. Even to Virginia. :-)

I haven't seen the Allmans in years. The bf refuses to go, since they kicked out Dickey. We used to go all the time though. They were the band that filled the void after The Dead were gone. We used to make the annual run at The Beacon, hit the sheds in the summer time (if you ever want to see a hot boy-fest - just go to an Allman's show in the summertime. Those southern boys love to take their shirts off. ) and one amazing run at the Fabulous Fox in Atlanta. The boyfriend loved that Atlanta run. He loves to tell the story about how he was in the front row, just leaning on the stage about 5 feet from Dickey all night. Can't say I blame him.

Ambulance, Ltd./VHS or Beta tonight.

Glad you guys had a good time at the concert.
First time that I saw the Allman Bros was '71 with the Dead (Watkin's Glen, NY)... Jerry and Duane did a rocking rendition of "Scarlet Begonias" (They loved to jam, didn't they... I think I still have a cassette of their performance...) Then in '72 with Humble Pie @ New Haven Arena.
[Am I dating myself yet...LOL]
Last show I caught was in Charleston, SC I think in '94... Always LOVED Dicky...(grin)
They were always a good show. I've since graduated to Gov't Mule, but haven't seen them live yet. Looking forward to seeing them sometime... Do you like them?

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