Friday, February 25, 2005


My Way Or The Highway

I'll get back to this week's other shows tomorrow. But I gotta say I'm busting at the seams looking forward to tonight's Teenbeat show. I totally adore Tuscadero. I'm sitting here at work listening to My Way Or The Highway and it's hard not to jump up and start dancing around my office. Is there a more perfect pop band? Tuscadero friggin' rocks my world. They're a perfect mix of rock, pop, bubblegum, melody, guitars and catchy hooks. They shoulda been HUGE, I tell ya.

I think I need to go sit in the car during lunch so I can rock out a bit. I wish I could leave early today.

Tonight's show is sold-out, but so was last night's and there were plenty of people trying to dump extra tickets. That may have been because of the snow though. But if you've got nothing else to do, it's probably worth a shot.

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