Monday, February 21, 2005


The First of Six

Last night was my first of 6 shows this week.

BF and I got to The Cat a little after 10:00. I figured WSC would come on close to 11:00, but I like to get there early....much to the chagrin of the BF. He was a little cranky about it at first, but after we found a place to sit down in the Red Room things got better. The cute-boy factor helped a little too. Lots to see last night :-) After hearing our songs on the jukebox (gotta love a jukebox that has both Johnny Cash and The Germs) we headed upstairs, only to find WSC already playing their first song. So much for getting their early. My bad.

I've never had a bad time at a WSC show. Last night was no different. They were a blast. A great balance of new and old. A decent crowd, but not overly crowded. People were singing along, dancing and generally having a really good time. It's like being at a really cool party.

Today - I discovered that HST died. That sucks, but I'll admit it wasn't really a surprise. I mean, it's not too difficult to imagine him self-destructing. Still... a big loss. He still had it. I never did finish reading that book of early letters he put out years ago. I'll have to dig that out next week.

We went to Ikea to get a small rack to control our CDs, which have completely taken over the basement. We just need something small enough to hold a couple hundred or so, until we can plunk down the $$$ to get a real bookcase-style solution. We found exactly what we wanted, in the exact color we wanted. Of course, in true Ikea form, it was out of stock. We specifically chose one of the models that did not have an "out of stock" tag on it. Suckers. The only other thing that came close already had the "out of stock" tag on it, so we just left. There goes a few hours of my day. Thanks again, Ikea.

Tonight - I'm getting ready to walk out the door to see The Futureheads at 9:30. I predict a very good, but very short show. We'll see.

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