Tuesday, February 22, 2005


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Caught the Futureheads in a bit of a hit-and-run show last night. I was flying solo and had no interest in the opening bands, so I just showed up a little after 10:00. They came on at exactly 10:30. Perfect.

There's really not a lot to say about this one. They were good, but they sounded exactly like their album. That's fine, but sometimes it takes a little more. They had quite a bit of energy - jumping all over the place and playing their hearts out. They talked to the crowd a bit too, which I like. They seemed to be having a really good time. But I don't know...Maybe it's because they only have one album out and they sounded exactly like the record, but I wasn't exactly blown away. I can't think of anything bad to say about the show though. Maybe it was me.

55 minutes, including the encore. I expected that. They also did a cover of the Television Personalities' Picture of Dorian Gray - a song I know nothing about. They played well. They were fun. Definitely worth the $12. I was home by midnight (a major plus). The club was perfectly crowded. Enough people to create a good atmosphere, but not sold-out and packed-in like sardines. Lots of room to mill about. No lines at the bar. Places to sit, if you wanted to.

Fill your basement with smoke, play the CD really loud and close your eyes. It's just like being there.

Le Tigre tonight. Waiting for the BF to get home...

intersting, because i thought they did a good job of making it different from the experience of listening to the CD in a smokey room.
It may have just been me. Getting there kind of late, hanging in the back by myself - it was hard to get wrapped-up in it all.
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