Thursday, January 20, 2005


So Long Phoebe

How gay am I? Well...back in college I arranged my class schedule so I could watch All My Children every day. I was totally addicted to it. I couldn't get enough. Several of my fraternity brothers and I would religiously watch it every single day. If one of us missed it, he would inevitably return to the house asking "What happened? What did I miss?" We were like old ladies around the dinner table, dishing on what happened on the show that day.

Sadly, Ruth Warrick (who played Phoebe Wallingford) died earlier this week. Phoebe was the character every gay man would love. The old, bitter, nasty, fiesty, meddlesome drunk who didn't give a damn about what anyone thought. Do it her way or shut the hell up.

I haven't watched AMC in years. Although, I have caught it a few times recently, since it comes on after my latest addiction (Days Of Our Lives) on the Soap Channel every night. Tad, Eric and Adam look exactly the same as they did 20 years ago. Well, Tad and Adam do anyway. But I just can't imagine watching it without Phoebe running in, drink in hand, telling them all to shut up.

So long Phoebe. You old coot.

I must admit, I too have the addiction...
Every day, before work, I go to my Grandmother's house and watch it with her... We've been watching it for years, sadly earlier this week she seems to be exhibiting Alzheimer's. I was hoping that it was just the new medication they are giving her for high blood pressure, but alas... It just came on so suddenly... unbelievable.

We will miss Phoebe.I'm surprised that Myrtle is still giving appearances... What ever happened to Langly? I remember him from "Dark Shadows" also...
Remember when Brooke was a rebellious teenager?


p.s. It's snowing like HELL here... We're expecting 20"(@2"every hour) of the white fluffy stuff...
Think I'll 'knock off' work today. If anyone expects to go out for dinner tonite, I think they're CRAZY!!!I wish the 'old man' (he's 8 years younger than me, but I still call him 'old man') would get home. He works in the Poconos. Driving on RTE 80 is very hazardous in these conditions...
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