Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Peapod Sucks

I hate Peapod. They're a grocery delivery service in our area. It's a great concept. For $5 you can order all of your groceries on-line and they'll deliver them to your door. The only problem is that they're ALWAYS late. ALWAYS. And not just 5-10 minutes late. We're talking up to several HOURS late.

Case in point: Last Wednesday I ordered groceries for a Saturday morning delivery. You get to choose a delivery window. Either a 2 hour window (9-11, 10-12, etc.) or you can choose a wider window and save a buck. I went with the 3.5 hour 9:30-1:00 window. I've had trouble with them being late in the past, but surely even their lame drivers can get to me within 3.5 hours. Right? Right?

Nope. I get a call just after 12:30 saying it's going to be around 2:30 before my groceries show up. That means I have to spend 5 hours (on a Saturday) sitting around waiting for my groceries. Rather than wasting a couple hours going to the grocery store on a Saturday morning, I've wasted my entire day. So much for convenience.

I should know better. I fall for this every time. This is like the 5th time this has happened. They're ALWAYS at least an hour late. It doesn't matter if I choose the 8-10am window, or the 8-10pm window. Once they didn't show up until almost midnight. I always get furious. I sometimes cancel my orders. I usually end up going to the store myself, even after waiting for hours. Talking to the Customer Service rep: "You know, we don't actually guarantee delivery during those times. Those are just "suggested" delivery windows.". Nice.

But the lure of having them deliver the groceries to my doorstep on a Saturday morning is sometimes too great for my lazy butt to ignore. In theory, I could roll out of bed and have enough food for a nice big breakfast. Before I'm even awake, I will have gone grocery shopping and I'll have a jump on the weekend. They have to be better this time. Things have surely improved by now. Right? Right?

Don't count on it. Peapod sucks.

I feel your pain. I am waiting for a Peapod delivery now and so far it is an hour late. I am hoping I get to sleep tonight!

However, Safeway's delivery service is even WORSE. I had two nightmarish experiences with them and will NEVER EVER use Safeway again. (I am in DC)
ya they also wouldn't hire me to be a driver. I guess a white guy with a clean driving record and BA in computer science is the OPPOSITE of what they look for to hire. Damn recession, damn peopod, damn life
Yea Peapod sucks!

We have a post about that too!

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