Tuesday, January 18, 2005


MAL Weekend

I love MAL weekend.

There's something about being in a room with several hundred HOT leathermen that just can't be beat. There's literally something for everyone. Every fetish you can think of - and at least a few I'm sure you couldn't think of if you tried. Just as I start to think I'm becoming a total pervert, along comes MAL to show me that I'm about as vanilla as it gets. Well....almost.

As I get older, I'm starting to appreciate the leather community more. My days of the circuit party-type clubbing are over. I'm too old for that - not to mention I'm just tired of it. The leather community is much more laid-back. The nicest bunch of guys you could meet. We make new friends every year. No - not tricks. Actual nice people that are just fun to hang with. Very little attitude. No judgments. It's just an anything-goes-it's-all-good atmosphere.

The bizarre was just that. Bizarre. Lots of things you'd expect - harnesses, whips, chaps....And lots of things that I'm still not sure about. And a few more things that just scare me a bit. And a few things that peaked my interest. I'm not telling what those were though. I will say they don't involve electricity.

Friday we went to The Eagle. Great crowd. Lots of hot men. Crowded, but not overly packed. Saturday we got a room downtown, so we could stay out and play without worrying about getting home. Dinner at Mary's. Spent the rest of the night hanging out at the host hotel's lobby. Sunday we came home to regroup, then it was back to The Eagle. We didn't have energy to go to the closing party at Nation. Not to mention we didn't have the desire to pay the $30 ticket price. $1 drafts at the Eagle was a much better option.

Did I mention how hot the bartender at Hamburger Mary's is? Shaved head...tattoos...yum. Totally hot. "How could he be any hotter?" you ask? Well, he turned up later in the evening wearing a Q And Not U t-shirt. I may have actually drooled when I saw that.

Over the weekend we ran into a few old friends. Made a few new ones. I saw a few bloggers there, but since I don't actually know them, I didn't say hello. While I'm sure they would have been very friendly, MAL isn't the best place to run up to someone who doesn't know you and say "I know who you are."

What happens at MAL, stays at MAL.

Causal Dots at the Warehouse tomorrow.

So true, so true. What happens at MAL, stays at MAL. WOOF. I certainly agree with your observations. Hunky guys with no attitude, laid back. Did you get to the Sigma gathering at the Green Lantern? Loved the exhibition hall. They do know how to display the merchandise. Wasn't disappointed at all by the weekend.
Had a blast.
Yeah - we had a great time too. Already looking forward to next year!
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