Sunday, January 30, 2005

Every time it snows, all of my downtown friends smugly say things like "I'm so glad I live in an apartment. It must suck for you to have to shovel snow and be stranded in the suburbs. hahahaha." Yeah, we'll see who's laughing this summer when you call me to complain about the oppressive humidity in the city, but I miss your call, because I'm in the backyard having a cookout and laying by my swimming pool. HA!

I'm going to attampt to take the Metro to the Arcade Fire show tonight. DC's wonderful train system shuts down at midnight. I have to be on the Metro at U St. by 11:51 in order to catch the last train home. I hope Arcade Fire starts on time. I don't want to have to leave early because I made the mistake of taking mass transit to the show. Metro is great on Fri/Sat. But during the week it sucks for going to shows. I think I'll be fine tonight. AF is slated to come on at 10:00. I think we'll be lucky if they play for an hour. Even if they're a little late, I should be able to make it back to the Metro on time.

Arcade Fire tonight at 9:30.
Bloc Party tickets are now on sale (4/9 at the Black Cat).

February and March are shaping up to be killer months for shows. If I can find something to see on 2/26, I'll be going to a show every single night that week. I'm getting too old for this.

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