Friday, December 10, 2004


Return of The Slickees!

The Slickee Boys are playing at Iota on Christmas night. $16.

These guys are by far my all-time favorite DC band. They practically created the DC scene. They were around before the Bad Brains. The Teen Idles (a precursor to Minor Threat) use to open for them on occasion. They're often credited with being the very first punk band in DC. Cybernetic Dreams of Pi is an absolute classic. Fun, rockin'-psychedelic-psycho-surf stuff.

You can see some Slickees videos here. There's a nice summary of their career here. There are some mp3's here.

I can't recommend this show enough. It's gonna be one big party. Even I can't help dancing when I hear them. And I rarely dance. They only play once a year. See them while you can.

Slickee Boys??? My friend John (Chumbris) played guitar for them...drop me a note with the line up if you know any details!
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