Friday, December 03, 2004


Random Stuff

My birthday is Sunday. Everyone should buy me a beer.

One of my presents from the BF was tickets to see Ted Leo. He also got me Shake The Sheets.
Another present is tickets to see Bob Mould. I hope there's cake too.

BF is nursing a cold. We're staying in tonight so he feels good enough to go to the show tomorrow. He was a real trooper taking me to see Ted and WSC. If it wasn't for my birthday, there was no way he would have gone out. But he did. He's the best.

I'm hoping to pick up a ton of furniture from Ikea this weekend. We went to the College Park location last weekend. After spending a couple of hours picking out exactly what we wanted, we discovered that every single item was out-of-stock. "No. We can't order it for you. You can get it all at our website." Wrong. Most of our items on the website were tagged "Available in stores only". One phone call to the manager of the store and we're told everything should be available to pick up this weekend. We'll see how that goes. No link for them until we get the furniture.

Between my birthday and Xmas this month, I'm not allowed to buy myself any music for about a month. It's killing me. We went to Tower last weekend and bought each other a ton of cds for Xmas. We know what we're getting, but we saved a bit of money. Buy 4 and get a $10 coupon. We've got $40 worth of coupons to use later.

We may go to Coachella. BF has already agreed to go. We just need them to firm-up the dates and the line-up a little before we plunk down the cash. We'll probably make it a mini-vacation in Palm Springs.

We just had a ton of concert posters framed. I can't wait to pick them up.

Last night when I setup the coffee I forgot to put water in. I awoke this morning to a piping-hot pot full of air. Our coffee maker grinds the beans automatically. It sounds like a plane is taking off in my kitchen every morning. Good coffee though. I'm totally addicted.

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