Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thanksgiving Weekend

Staying in town for the weekend. Doing "the circuit" with our parents for Thanksgiving Day. Pick up the BF's mom. Drive to my parents house. Thanksgiving dinner. Back to his mom's. Home. We drive about 200 miles and don't really go anywhere.

Tonight: The Donnas/Von Bondies @ 9:30
: (see above). If we get home early enough, I may try to convince the BF to go to Blowoff at 9:30. I'm curious what Bob and Morel have planned for the live show. That'll depend on the effects of the tryptophan vs. how badly we need a drink after spending the day with our families.
Friday: Travis Morrison/Beauty Pill/Medications @ The Black Cat. Got my ticket today for this one. What a great bill. Only $8. You have no excuse for missing it.
Sat/Sun: TBD. Next week is going to be pretty busy. We may just lay low for a bit.

Next week: 12/1 - Ted Leo/Washington Social Club @ The Black Cat. Buy your tickets now before it sells out.

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