Friday, November 19, 2004


Random Stuff

Random stuff.

Carlsonics at Art-O-Matic last night. The venue is in the gym/activity room at an old school near Union Station. The stage is actually set into the wall, so the front of the stage is pretty much even with the wall. I felt like I was watching a live version of one of those old shoebox dioramas we used to make in elementary school. Quite appropriate, given the venue. I've seen the Carlsonics a few times now and decided that there seem to be two versions of the band. The rockin'-Carlsonics and the psychedelic-Carlsonics. We definitely got the psychedelic version last night. Lots of new stuff. Some of it quite trippy. I definitely had visions of The Velvet Underground during their final song. They also got a new smoke machine. Rock on.

Yesterday, I saw a license plate the said "A-HA FAN". And I thought my bf and I were the only people with more than one A-ha cd.

Instead of eating lunch yesterday I headed over to the CD Cellar in Falls Church. Didn't have much time to browse, but came home with these:

Five Eight - Five Eight: Nice band out of Athens, GA.

Pansy Division - Absurd Pop Song Romance: More serious than my only other PD CD (Undressed). Very catchy pop, with a little bit of punk and gay-themed lyrics, but they're far less overtly sexual than on Undressed. They come off as less of a novelty act here, which is a good thing. Produced by Steve Albini.

Bluetip - Hot - Fast + Union - Slowdime/Dischord band. Good, rockin' stuff. The disc itself is interesting to look at. The actual data part is the size of a 3" cd-single, but the outside ring is clear plastic, bringing it to the standard 5". My car player won't accept it. hrmph. They do a nice cover of The Damned's "Anti-Pope".

Phaser - Sway: Don't know anything about them, except they're local. Haven't listened to it yet.

(Don't tell my bf. I'm not supposed to buy any more CDs until after Xmas. shhhh.)

I was in a Linux class all week. Just when I think I'm starting to geek-out, I find people that are far geekier than me. Folks talking about installing Linux on their Xbox...downloading Halo 2 a week before the on-sale date from some warez site in France, then hacking the Xbox to make it work...and (I swear I'm not making this up) discussions about their vast collections of Star Trek memorabilia.

I guess I shouldn't talk though. Being a music geek is probably as ridiculous to them as collecting Star Trek memorabilia is to me. Everyone needs to be passionate about something.

I just wish they weren't so loud when I was trying to concentrate on truly important things...Like Information Leafblower's list of the Top 40 Bands In America - 2004 Edition. :-)


Oh yeah - How could I forget? I finally brokedown and got a cell-phone last weekend. My first one. Welcome to the 90's.

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