Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Weekend Recap

Kind of bummed about John Peel, so just the facts about last weekend.

BF was out of town at the NASCAR race in Martinsville. Stayed in Friday.

Saturday - Death Cab For Cutie/Pretty Girls Make Graves. Death Cab was awesome. I was surprised that they seemed really tight as a band. For some reason I expected them to sound a little thin...maybe just respectable backup music for Gibbard's lyrics. But they really had it together and I came away thinking that they were a really good band. I was duly impressed. PGMG were also quite impressive. I went into their set completely cold, knowing absolutely nothing by them. I'm a sucker for chicks that rock and they did not disappoint. I'd go see them again in a heartbeat. By the end of the night, I purchased 2 Death Cab EPs and the PGMG CD in a slightly drunken buying binge. Not the first time that's happened. It certainly won't be the last. I was hoping to catch a bit of Morel's set over at Velvet, but it was way too late by the time DCFC were done. Instead, I headed to The Eagle for about an hour before heading home.

Sunday - Laid around on my lazy ass all day, then headed to BlogJam at DC9. That was pretty interesting. A little bit of everything: sex, politics, music, death, etc. 2 of the speakers didn't show up, which I think meant there were more out-of-town bloggers that local folks. (I haven't bothered counting, so I could be wrong about that.) Fun night, even though I didn't stay for Blowoff, since it was a school night.

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