Saturday, October 16, 2004



I should have qualified yesterday's post by saying the only thing that would keep us away from the WSC show would be illness...or a NASCAR race. It seems tonight we ended up with a little of both. The BF came down with what I refer to as the "NASCAR Flu". Everything was going fine until he realized there was a race on that he wanted to watch tonight. Suddenly, he's saying things like "They're just playing acoustic tonight, right?" and "I guess I could just tape it, but our VCR sucks."

hmmm.....I had a feeling something was up when I left for the gym this morning. When I got back, he mentioned that he wasn't feeling well - that his stomach was bothering him. He didn't think he felt good enough to go to the show, but he kept insisting that I go. Of course, I 'm not going to leave him home sick by himself, so I stay home to make sure he's ok.

He watched the race for a while, his driver wrecks and goes a lap down. "Well, it's over for him." Suddenly, he's like "So what time does the band start? I think I feel better now. Do you still want to go?" By this point I'm in sweats...curled up on the couch...dozin' in and out of sleep. That time has passed, so I say no and we stay home.

I'm not saying he wasn't really sick, but this used to happen a lot when he didn't want to go visit my folks with me. He'd be too sick to go, but he would suddenly feel a lot better a few hours later and proceed about his day as normal, now that he didn't have to go with me. Not that I blame him for that one. My family loves him, but they can be a bit trying at times - haha. But it's been pretty obvious that this has happened before. Even though he hasn't done it in a while.

I'm probably just disappointed because we stayed in last night too. I had a few bands I wanted to see, but we didn't go out. I didn't really mind because I knew we were going out tonight and I was really looking forward to this one. Oh well. I'm sure they'll all be back around in the near future. It's not like I don't have any other shows coming up soon.

Most importantly, I'm glad he's feeling better.

We gotta get a TiVo.

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