Friday, October 22, 2004


Laurie at Lisner

It's been a few days since The Libertines show. Rather than write a review, I'll just point you to this person's review. I feel pretty much the same. I missed Radio 4. I hear it was no great loss.

Laurie Anderson was last night at Lisner. The last time I saw her was just a few days after 9/11. That was pretty weird. Everyone was still very edgy. Very nervous, upset and scared. But her show couldn't really be changed on such short notice, so it was a mix of talking, songs, violin, stories and jokes. Almost jovial, in front of a dazed crowd who probably had a hard time focusing on much of anything.

Last night was pretty much the opposite. Her show was very solemn. Very few funny stories. No songs. The only music was the ambient stuff playing behind her when she talked and electric violin solos that were generally ominous as hell. The only thing I recognized being even remotely from her past work was the line "Hello excuse me. Can you tell me where I am?", which popped up a couple of times. Lots of tales about space, time and, of course, NYC and 9/11.

My seat was smack-dab front row center. Row A Seat 101. It was actually a little unnerving being so close for a show like this. It's not like she wanders around and chats up the crowd. She spent most of the show standing about 12 feet in front of me - looking straight at me when she was talking. Kind of cool being close enough to make real eye contact, but after a few seconds if started to freak me out. I had to keep averting my eyes.

Anyway - Very nice show. She never disappoints.

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