Monday, October 04, 2004


Killers and a Hottie

Killers/Ambulance last night. Ambulance Ltd. was terrific. I can't wait to see them headline somewhere, so they can play for more than 30 minutes. Still - It was a great 30 minutes.

Stuck around for The Killers. Didn't really care for the music much. Was that "Indie Rock" song sarcastic or serious? I'm not sure. Either way, it didn't do it for me. They put on a good show though. The singer is cute as hell and had a pretty good presence. The drummer was rockin' like nobody's business. Great show, but I think I made the right choice by not buying the CD.

More importantly, I ran into my all-time favorite DC hottie last night. There's this guy J---- we used to run into at Nation and occasionally at the Green Lantern. Physically perfect. Military boy. Nice as can be. Absolute total stud. Probably the closest thing I've had to a real "crush". (Not counting my BF. That's not a crush - that's love.) Anyway - I hadn't seen him in years. I pretty much stopped in my tracks when I saw him. Still looking as hot as ever. I think he's pretty closeted and he was with a group of friends, so I didn't say anything. Good to see he's still around though. woof!

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