Friday, October 29, 2004



I got to skip out of work all week to go to RedHat training. I'm now a RedHat Certified Technician, which doesn't really mean I know much of anything. But, hopefully, it will mean that I actually get a decent raise this year. I'm very close to the top of my pay-range as it is. Doing a really good job is no longer enough to guarantee much of a raise. I need to start coming at them with new things (like training and certifications) to convince them that it's worth paying me more. I'm getting worried that I'm pricing myself out of a job.

I haven't decided to go for the RHCE yet. That's probably a little more valuable, but still pretty meaningless. Certifications are generally just resume stuffers. They can even backfire on you at times. I know that when I see someone with a long list of certifications, I just assume they're good at taking tests and that's about it.

Got the new Donnas CD today. A present from my BF. awww.... Pumpkin carving tonight. Halloween party Saturday. I'm going as Joey Ramone. BF is going as Kurt Cobain. Should be fun. He looks cute as hell in his blonde wig. haha.

R.E.M. week starts on Monday.

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