Sunday, October 24, 2004


Ashlee Simpson Lip-Syncs?!

Ashlee Simpson got caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live last night. She came out for her second song, only to find out the sound guys queued up the wrong track. The band looked a little confused, but awkwardly tried to play along. But it all fell apart when the audio track started singing and Ashlee just stood there. She then started jumping around like an idiot.


Then she came out at the end of the show and claimed that her band started playing the wrong song. She seemed to forget about the vocal track that she wasn't singing along with. I wonder who she's gonna blame for that one.


Oh look - There's a video here.

She's also supposed to be singing "live" (ahem) at some Radio Music awards show tonight. That should be interesting.

i hate ashlee simpson. i always knew she was a fake, she is just like her sister, another sell out. enough said.
- krystal of
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