Thursday, September 02, 2004



After a minor server disaster yesterday, we finally got our webserver up again at work. The boot drive crashed and the mirror wasn't setup properly. Great. We brought our failover server online almost immediately, so very few people even noticed. Whew.

Favorite Spams of the week:

Reply: Wet Nxet Door Girls Ejaculation Movies
Fwd: :X:ANAx _ v|@gRa ? Vali|u|m _ V1co/din Pnte.r.min ) S:o:ma
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Fw: Unowknn Girl Rimming
Real Bitch Anal Creampies


4-day weekend. The boss said we could take off tomorrow. That means I can stay out late tonight and not regret it for a change. Gonna start-off at The Black Cat Backstage. The Phobes/The High Dials are playing. Should be fun. I'm not familiar with The High Dials. I've heard they're worth showing up early for though. Then maybe hit The Eagle or The Lantern. We'll see.

It looks like Comcast dropped GSN from their lineup. You Bastards! Now where am I gonna watch Match Game and Lingo??? Luckily, they picked up the Hallmark channel. Tonight featuring re-runs of M*A*S*H and Touched By An Angel. Ugh.

Gotta run. Off to the Cat!

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