Tuesday, August 10, 2004



Very sleepy. Stayed up too late and drank too much beer. I do that every August 9 though. At least I'm not hungover.

Metropolitan was good. The BF even went with me. That was a surprise. I was very happy he went. We didn't stay for The Out Circuit. I figured we'd go home before he got bored. There's a better chance he'll come back again if he leaves with a good impression. Perfect night for an outdoor show. Fort Reno is awesome. There's only one show left. Check it out. Also check out Metropolitan at the Black Cat in September.

As predicted - we came home, drank and watched The Dead's 12/31/78 Winterland DVD. Damn they were amazing. That 3rd set was one of the very first tapes I ever had. I was lucky enough to catch the Dead on New Year's Eve 3 times (88-90). Every NYE since has paled in comparison.

Got some great R.E.M. tickets yesterday. 7th row for DC. 5th row in Pittsburgh. Mid-floor for MSG. The Georgia allotment sold-out too quick. I'll try again later. Still no word on who's opening. Still no word on when the R.E.M./Springsteen tickets go on sale. That's gonna be a tough ticket.

Dreading work today. Yeah - me and everyone else. Personnel issues. Grow up people.

Sonic Youth tomorrow.

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