Monday, August 16, 2004



Saw The Dead last night. They were ok, but that was one terrible setlist. 8 cover songs? Sheesh. Nice to hang with my friend S-- for a while. Seemed like old times. We ended up just buying our tickets at the box office. Section 102 - Dead center. $14 in service charges for buying 2 tickets at the venue an hour before showtime. Thanks a lot TicketBastard.

Drank too much and ate too little. Paying for that dearly today. That tends to happen when S-- and I get together though. We end up acting like we did in college - except we're pushing 40 now and can't recover quite the way we used to.

BF didn't end up going with us. There's an issue with one of his real estate deals and the buyers are being less than cooperative. Seems they bought a house without an inspection and in "As-Is" condition. Now they're furious that the seller doesn't want to pay about $10,000 to fix some things that they don't like. Sorry, Dude.

Not going to Elefant/Ambulance tonight. I still don't feel too hot. I was really looking forward to that one too. Can't blame anyone but myself for that though.

The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads comes out tomorrow. First time on CD. Go buy it.

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