Friday, August 13, 2004


Sonic Friday Weekend Stuff

Friday the 13th. oooooo - scaaary.

Staying up so late on Monday left me dragging when it was time for the Sonic Youth show on Wednesday. I was looking forward to it, but I would have really preferred a nap. My first time seeing them. I alternated between being bored and being completely amazed. Interestingly enough, I think the things that interested me were the things that made everyone else run for the bathroom or the bar. I was pretty blown away by their noise and feedback binges. Wow. That's some powerful stuff. 5-10 minutes (on several occasions) of nothing but literally banging on their guitars and milking these horrendously beautiful noises from their instruments. At one point, the 2 guitarists were both playing their guitars with drumsticks. Yowza. They played lots from the new record, which is fine by me, since that's one of the 2 discs I have by them. All-in-all, a great show. I need to pay more attention to them.

The BF went to see Phish at Camden last night. His phriend in Philly ended up with VIP passes, so they got to hang out at a private area all night. Buffet, bar, private bathroom. Nice. Too bad he said the show wasn't that great. That's a shame. With them breaking up he really wanted to get blown away. Didn't happen. Still - at least he got to see them one last time.

My weekend plans are totally up in the air. My college roommate and tour-buddy S-- was supposed to come up from North Carolina this weekend to catch The Dead at Nissan. Now he's gonna stay home at least until tomorrow to see how hard the hurricane is gonna hit where he lives. So he may come up tomorrow. He may come up Sunday. That's kind of a drag for me - not knowing if/when he's gonna get here.

May go out tonight. We need to track down some of our bar-friends and invite them to our party next weekend. Time's runnin' out. Tomorrow, if S--shows up, we'll probably hit the Big Hunt or the Red Room. Cleaning the house all day Saturday. Ugh. I need a maid. Or a houseboy. hmmm.......

Sunday's all about The Dead though. Yeah, I go primarily for the nostalgia of the good old days, but it still makes for a great night of rock 'n' roll.

Dead Sunday.
Elefant/Ambulance, Ltd. Monday
Possibly Stiff Little Fingers on Wednesday - depending on how much needs to be done to prepare for the party and how tired I am from the other 2 shows.

I'm getting too old for this.

I heard Agador-Spartacus(Hank Azaria) is looking for work in the "houseboy" catagory...(LOL)
[i.e."The Birdcage"] Make sure you don't put shoes on him.
Have a great time with your friend when he gets there.
I miss the Dead culture...
Still love Mickey.
Tell Bobby & Phil I said 'High'
1 of 2 things by Sonic Youth? Please, please, please tell me the other one is "Daydream Nation."
Actually, the other one is "Bad Moon Rising".
Get "Daydream Nation." Fo' real.
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